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VPS Thai Plans & Dedicated Servers in Thailand


Welcome to Hosting Server Thailand

Hosting Server Thailand is a leading cloud Vps server provider with servers loacated in major Southest asian countries such as Thailand and Cambodia. Join us now to experience the best hosting service.
#. Fast and secure
#. Flexible and scalable
#. reliable and collaborative


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About Hostingn Server Thailand

Hosting Server Thailand is a cloud VPS server provider that offers fast and rebiable hosting services in a southest asia. Our servers are located in major countries such as Thailand and Cambodia.We are dedicated to providing you with the best hosting experience

A team of specialists and a front-line customer service team are behind every plan. We’re here for you year-round, with knowledge and abilities that exceed your expectations.

If you need to run advanced websites or applications, get a VPS in Bangkok from us.

We have high-performance options with solid state drives (SSDs), providing stability and speed for running large-scale operations.

With the extra resources included, websites and applications should load faster no matter your location. However, those targeting the Asia market will find loading speeds greatly improved after changing to a VPS Thai hosting plan. With Thailand data centers and international ping times of less than 300ms, websites load quickly for all visitors.



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